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Relaxing Holidays At Maldives

May 19, 2021 09:40 AM | Categories : Best Beach Destinations, Tags : Maldives Tour

Republic of Maldives : Maldives is country located in Arabian Sea of Indian Ocean. From Sri Lanka and India it is located approx 700 km in southwest. Maldives land is around 1 to 1.5 meter above from sea level. Maldives Images are one of the most beautiful and unique Landscapes on Earth. Maldives is the smallest country of Asia and also world's most geographically dispersed sovereign state. India was the first country to recognized Maldives Independence. 

Maldives water villa

Maldives Package : 

Well Maldives tour is pretty expensive from other overseas tours. But it is really most beautiful place with blue water sea. There are 1190 total islands in Maldives. Among them only 185 island are inhabited. I visited Maldives in month of may 2019. On may June month there may be chances of start of monsoon season in Maldives. Weather is pretty good and some kind of hot in afternoon. I stay at Paradise Island Resort located in north from Male city. Resort is around 10 km distance from Maldives Airport . I get to the resort via speed boat. If you stay some far resorts then there is a sea plane transfer option also available. Sea plane transfer at Maldives Resort charges extra. Total costing of my Maldives package was around 1.3 lac for 3 px. ( 2 Adult, 1 kid 10 years) with airfare from Gujarat . I got good Landscapes Images of Maldives  with sunset and also good family pictures too. Decide your package for Maldives all inclusive ( return airfare , return Transport from Male to Resort, All meals ).

About Paradise Island Resort & Spa :

Paradise Island Resort is located near to the Maldives Airport in north Male Atoll. As I am vegetarian I choose Paradise Island Resort. This resort provide good vegetarian food. The island resort surrounded by white sand beaches and its own lagoon. I booked superior beach bangalow Paradise island resort. Room has simple decor and beach facing and beach connected on room other side. Also room has open air shower, TV, AC and wi-fi facilities. Some villa bangalows has private pool and varandas too. Water villas in Maldives  as shown in above image are more expensive in any resorts. In Paradise Island Resorts  total 6 restaurants which serves Italian and Japanese . Also 5 bars , Gym, Disco and a spa. They also provide cycle for rent 5$ per day per cycle. Half our canoe is include in my package. Other water activities are too expensive. My package Include breakfast - Lunch - Dinner. So overall its good resort to stay in Maldives. 

Maldives resort

Maldives Beach and water activities:

Maldives beaches are mostly white sand beach. Clean blue water so you cans see fishes clear in the water. Snorkeling is very good at resort in a shallow water. You can see different types of fishes and enjoy swimming too in a blue water sea. Cost of snorkeling in Maldives is around 8$ per day per person. Also there are lots of water activities to do at extra cost like Jetski (80$) , Glass boat trip (50$), Dolphin Safari ( 71 $ ) etc. Cost are per person and limited time.  

Maldives for Honeymoon Couples :

Maldives is best place for honeymoon couples. A romantic beach destination on  a island is really cool. For honeymoon couples Maldives is good because there are not more crowed and couples enjoy their alone as honeymoon couples want. Maldives water villas are best for honeymoon couples. Also couples had good memory of their honeymoon photos. Beautiful weather and beautiful sunset and sunrise photography makes honeymoon perfect. Also resort provide couple photography album at extra charges. They had good locations and also good lights for photography so it worthy.  A romantic sunset on a white sand beach is really awesome experience. Well i went with my wife and 10 years kid so it was not my honeymoon trip but i really enjoy the place where i can just relax at evening with a drink on a beach and enjoy sunset. Kids have also some good fun in  a sand and fishes at evening in a sea.

About Maldives Country : 

  • Maldives capital is Male city. 
  • Dhivehi and English languages spoken here. 
  • Religion is Sunni Islam. Total population of Maldives is around 3,75,000 assuming . 
  • Maldives currency is Maldivian Rufiyaa
  • For Indian visit to Maldives only stamping on Immigration. No visa required as both country developed their diplomatic relations. 
  • Maldives currency to INR ..... 1 Maldivian Rufiyaa = 4.77 INR ( rate as on 2021 May ). You can also check on anytime any currency rates.
  • US dollar is also accepted here. Indian Rupees are not accepted in Maldives. 
  • Calling code for Maldives is  +960. 
  • Maldives International Airport is Velana International Airport or Male International Airport at Male city.
  • Best time to visit Maldives November to April.

Water villa Maldives

Maldives beach resort

Maldives paradise

Maldives resort view

Maldives Paradise Island Resort

Maldives beach

Maldives sunrise

Above image is not moon it looks like a moon but it doesn't. I capture sun image with rays on water of beach. I take a darker shot just show the rays on beach water so i done it black and white in post processing. 

Maldives evening

Maldives weather

Republic of Maldives

Maldives Honeymoon package

Maldives Island Resort


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