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Birds In Flight Images Gujarat

April 28, 2021 09:36 AM | Categories : Birds of India, Tags : birds in flight images

Flock of Birds Photos : Birds in flight .... this moment is always dream of every nature photographer to shoot. For the photos of  Birds in flight is always challenging bcz birds are very sensitive and when u go to them close they will fly. they are very scary by humans. So you need too much patience to shoot birds. A early morning and evening time is best for birding. While you need good camera setting for shoot them in a flight movement. When i was in LRK during Wild Click powered by canon and Nature Wanderers i got some good shots of Birds in Flight with amazing golden light too. Above image taken at morning at LRK . Flamingo birds going in a row. A morning Golden light make image perfect. Its make my image Birds In Flight Silhouette. 

HOW TO SHOOT BIRDS :: If you have DSLR camera and good quality telezoom lens then you can easily capture it. You need your shutter speed at at least 1/1000 sec or 1/1500 sec is better. Aperture level going to be F/5 or F/7 max. If your camera supports good ISO then your image don't get grains. Your image will be perfect. Use AI focus for birds in flight so camera automatically follow birds with auto focus. Use continuous shooting for flight birds. Your camera setting depends on sunlight too either you are in front of sun or behind sun so make changes accordingly.  

Flock of Birds Black and White

Amazing crowd of birds with blue sky . The sky is flat so i do this image black and white bcz no other disturbance in image and it looks perfect.

Flock of birds

Another crowd of birds at farm. I want to capture them in slow shutter for motion image of them but unfortunately i cant. Sometimes you can not get more time to think about your shot. 

Bird in Flight LRK

A raptor or harrier may be Montagu's harrier wants some food at evening at LRK. Lovely evening sunset make beautiful silhouette image with golden light.

Little rann of Kutch Birds group

For birds in flight images you take your shot acording to birds or single bird. If you got group of birds then go for wide angle shot and make all birds in frame. Or if you go for single bird in flight image then go for tele zoom lens and take close up shot. Generally i love wide shots and also vertical shots as my frame so i take it like these. Plz feel free to comment and also suggessions accepted.

Photos Taken At Little Rann Of Kutch Gujarat

Gear Used : Canon 6 D, Canon 80 D, Canon 100-400mm lens

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