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Bird With Long Tail Rufous Treepie

May 11, 2021 02:20 AM | Categories : Birds of India, Tags : Rufous Treepie Bird

Birds Of Gujarat ( Dendrocitta vagabunda ) : Rufous Treepie bird is a member of Crow family. It found in open scrub, forests, urban area and agriculture areas. The bird with long tail and beautiful color combination of Tail is bullish grey and stipped black. I shoot it at Jessore sloth bear sanctuary during Kedarnath temple trek. It generally found in India, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand and Bangladesh. 

Birding in Gujarat

Rufous Treepie

Treepie bird call

Rufous Treepie close up

Description About Rufous Treepie : 

  • Body color is cinnamon and black head of Rufous Treepie bird.
  • It has long Tail with bullish grey and black tipped.
  • White patch in wings.
  • The lower back and underparts are tawny brown to orange brown in color.
  • Feet and legs are black.

Birds found in Gujarat

Treepie call

Birds of Gujarat

Things to Know about Rufous Treepie Bird :

  • In India Rufous Treepie breeding season is April to June.
  • It generally lays 3 to 5 eggs.
  • It built nest in bushes and trees.
  • Rufous Treepie Bird call is bob - o - link  or ko - tree .
  • Kotri is the local name of the Rufous Treepie bird.
  • Gujarati Name of Rufous Treepie is Kherkhato
  • Treepie also known for feed on fruits of which are toxic to mammals.

Crow Family Bird

Long Tail Bird Rufous Treepie

Bird Sanctuary Gujarat

Jessore Sanctuary

The bird Rufous Treepie is familier to get photographed. It has large sound so you can easily find him in a jungle by sound directions. Also a color is attractive so found easily. 

Photos Taken At Jessore Sanctuary, Gujarat.

Gear Used : Canon 1000 D , Canon 55-250 mm Lens

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